About Us

soulatoteam-(2)Paradax Records Inc. was established in 1999 by Dwayne Taylor & DJ Dax Delgado.  The record label made its debut to the dj world at the 1999 Miami – Winter Music Conference – with its release of “Remember Disco” (on clear vinyl).  The Los Angeles based independent house music record label focused its attention on the deep underground sounds of house via its main imprint label Paradax Records. “Up all Night Records” began shortly after (2000) under Paradax Records as a sub label that brought dj & club goers a more eclectic sound of house music with a touch of afterhour’s ala L.A.

The label also has an office based in Basel Switzerland under the direction of Valentino Legio who also produces & hosts a weekly dance music show called UDM Show.   Switzerland’s UDM Show has been one of Paradax’s valuable European partners which has served as an important outlet and stepping stone for many of Paradax’s international releases and successes.  In addition to promoting music for Paradax Records & producing a local dance music radio show – Valentino also promotes various nightclubs and dance music events around much of Europe.

Paradax Records prides itself on working with up-and-coming artists & producers and exposing them to the dance music industry. Many of the artists got their first start with Paradax Records (e.g. roqsta, Willy Sanjuan, Brady Stone, Estranjeros, Jerry Flores, plus more).  Initially the label focused its attention on L.A. based producers/artists being that the founders are from Los Angeles, but recently (thanks to technological breakthroughs) it’s been easier to work and collaborate on a more international scale.

Additionally, Paradax is proud to have released several tracks from local talents such as Miguel Plascencia, Teddy “Q” Zamora, Aaron Arce, Jerry Flores, Dax Delgado, Gabriel Horizon, Estranjeros and Jesse “Outlaw” to name a few.

Paradax Records is very proud of its library which, as of summer 2010, consists of 14 EP vinyl releases (the label stopped pressing vinyl in 2007) and 8 CD releases each with an assortment of mixes to choose from.  Not to mention the various licensing agreements with multiple internationally renowned Dj’s such as Richard Vission (Big Floor Funk),  Lee Burridge (24-7), Tony Humphries (Masterclass #2), DJ Rico – Frances funkiest underground dj (Soul & Jazz in the house) and DJ Crash ID Models- Fashion Lounge.

In 2003, the production team name DDT (Dax & Dwayne Taylor) manifested itself into “Soulato” (pronounced so-la-töe), just a cool way of combining the words Soul and Latin.

This has been an opportunity for the guys in Soulato to establish them as a diverse and more experienced entity.